How Stocka works

Getting started

1. Register online

Registration is free and only takes a minute. All you need is your name and email.Register now

2. Onboarding phone call

It is a legal requirement that we explain the details of our insurance cover to you over the phone. We will call you at a time that is convenient to you, and this will only take a few minutes.

3. Application forms

Once we've spoken to you, we'll send our insurance application forms which you can sign digitally online.

We suggest that you sign up to all three of our products (Stocka Protect, Stocka Rapid and Stocka Transit). Sign up is free, and signing up to all of them upfront means you can decide when to use which product.

4. Start trading

Within an hour of submitting your application forms, you'll be able to access our products via your Stocka dashboard and start trading with confidence.

Request cover for a deal

Livestock deals

Once you've registered, you can access your Stocka dashboard at any time and input the details of deals you want to cover. You'll be able to choose between Stocka Protect and Stocka Rapid.

You will need to have the following information handy

  • Name and ABN of the business you're selling to
  • Number of livestock or bales of hay you intend to sell
  • Pricing
  • Payment terms – how many days after assessment your payment is due

Hay and grain deals

At present, we manage all of our grain and hay deals via the phone. If you have a hay or grain deal you want covered, call us on 0409 117 730

Cover approval

We will review and approve your cover typically within an hour of your request.

Keeping us informed

Deal value changes

After approval, if the deal changes in any way that will increase the total of your invoice you need to let us know so that we can re-confirm your cover.

Submitting your invoice/assessment

As soon as you have an invoice, email it to us via It’s critical you do this to ensure you're covered.

Getting paid

Stocka Rapid

If you chose Stocka Rapid, 90% of your invoice minus our 2.7% commission and GST will be paid to you within two days of you submitting the invoice. We pay you the final 10% of your invoice with 48 hours of receiving payment from your buyer.

Make sure that you list Stocka as your payee. Our bank details are available when you sign into your Stocka account.

Stocka Protect

If you choose Stocka Protect, you'll need to pay us our commission + GST within 7 days of the date the payment from your buyer is due.

Late payment and Stocka Transit claims

If your buyer is late in paying you, or if you need to make a Stocka Transit claim, call us on 0409 117 730

Need more information?

We're just a phone call or a message away – contact us any time.

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